Testimonial-Silks The show opened with Elizabeth Stich on the aerial rope (or corde lisse) in a constantly moving solo with French flair. She kept the audience in quiet awe of her strength and flexibility, which she was able to feature later in the show with an acrobatic routine that involved no apparatus, but kept us on the edge of our seats while she balanced on her hands, and danced gracefully across the stage. As a performer, Stich is captivating in any environment.
—Reviewed by Erin Kaser Romero for loveDANCEmore


My favorite performances of the evening were solos by Jenny Lucas and Elizabeth Stich. Stich mesmerized the audience with her final trapeze solo, Shedding Skin. Her choreography had a graceful strength that gave her a quality of being unreachable as she hovered above the audience, both physically and on an emotional level as well.

There were a variety of apparatus on display, with some dancers performing on several over the course of the show. Elizabeth Stich and Amy E. Olson opened the show with the intricate Salty Sisters Trapeze. They performed in excellent unison with a variety of impossible poses that required increasingly complex partnering while one dancer was suspended from the trapeze while supporting, lifting, or being climbed upon by the other. The equally impressive duet of Stich with Trisha Paulos on fabric was able to emphasize a distance between the dancers as one performed high above the audience, and the other closer to the ground. The two dancers would also meet in the middle of the piece of fabric they shared in this mysterious piece that demonstrated strength and endurance.
—Reviewed by Erin Kaser Romero for loveDANCEmore


If you want to take your performance to the next level, work with Liz. She can help with the fine details, the looks, the gestures, and the moments in between the tricks that make aerial dance magic.
—Becky Higgins – Aerial Arts of Utah student and staff member


Instructors at Aerial Arts of Bozeman attended an 11-hour intensive teacher training course with Liz in January 2015. She was great! Her knowledge of everything from class management to rigging, spotting, language, student learning types, class plans and syllabus, and beyond was spot on. We would train with her again in a heartbeat!
—Galen Eldridge – Co-owner of Aerial Arts of Bozeman


Testimonial-1I have had the awesome opportunity to take several lessons (private and group sessions) with the lovely Elizabeth Stitch. My first lesson with Elizabeth fixed so many things I had been struggling with for a while, specifically in trapeze. Her darling personality and excellent teaching technique made me feel confident and accomplished. I highly recommend Miss Elizabeth Stich.
—Sarah Roberts – private lesson student


Liz is a fantastic instructor! I’ve really enjoyed developing my aerial skills in the last few months with her fun approach and sneaky conditioning (hello, pull-up climbs!). She helped me get past my inverting plateau after I’d been taking classes casually for a couple of years, opening up so many great new skills, and her explanations on theory and body mechanics helps me remember the important things later!
—Megan Gaida – Aerial Arts of Utah student


Liz is a great teacher; she does a very good job breaking moves down to their component parts. Liz helped me safely learn new skills I didn’t think I would be able to do for months as well as gave me tips and critiques on more basic skills and form. Liz is very professional and makes you feel welcome and successful.
—Natalie Jean Jackman – private lesson student


I took several different classes taught by Liz over a 3 year period, all of them diverse and challenging in their own right. From aerial silks 2, 3, and 4 to her movement for aerialist and her ever challenging but always rewarding conditioning for aerialist. Liz is a teacher that is able to flow seamlessly from different skill levels in one group, but still able to challenge everyone. I found her style both enjoyable in terms of keeping the mood of the group up and feeling positive, while still providing us with solid technical feedback that would improve our aerial skills. Liz’s ability as an instructor extends beyond aerial skills, it’s obvious that she has spent a great deal of time thinking about presentation, how to be effective, and how to work well with others.
—Jennifer Farnworth-Komar – Aerial Arts of Utah student


Liz’s teaching style makes everyone feel safe, confident, and welcome! Her explanations are clear and concise, and her classes are always filled with warmth and humor.
—Stephanie Howell – Aerial Arts of Utah student